Howto Server running Minecraft version 1.0!


The minecraft server has been getting really fun lately. Lots of new users and project going on. New towns using the Towny server mod have been created and we even found a stronghold!

We've successfully been running the latest version, 1.0, with all of our bukkit plugins, for the past month with no issues what-so-ever.

Want to join us? Follow this article to get started.

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Minecraft for Linux - Black Screen Fix



This article is terribly old, and you should have no issues running minecraft with the files provided by Mojang. I did, however have an issue loading them on 64bit linux. Please see the more recent article about this issue:


If you haven't heard already, Minecraft is one of the most epic open world, sandbox, survival and crafting game to hit the Internet in ages. Even in it's Alpha stage, it's become so popular in such a short amount of time that the developers website crashes daily.

In this tutorial, i show you how to play Minecraft on any Linux OS (32bit and 64bit)

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Install Synchronet BBS on Ubuntu Server


Synchronet Bulletin Board System Software

... is a free software package that can turn your personal computer into your own custom online service supporting multiple simultaneous users with hierarchical message and file areas, multi-user chat, and the ever-popular BBS door games.

Synchronet development began as a personal hobby in 1990 for single-tasking MS-DOS compatible computers and Hayes compatible modems. The program was sold commercially from 1992-1996 after which time it was released (with source code) for both the 16-bit DOS and 32-bit OS/2 platforms to the public domain and development by the author was ceased.

In November of 1999, the author found a renewed interest in further developing Synchronet, specifically for the Internet community, embracing and integrating standard Internet protocols such as Telnet, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IRC, NNTP, and HTTP. Synchronet has since been substantially redesigned as an Internet-only BBS package for Win32 and Unix-x86 platforms and is an Open Source project under continuous development.

Synchronet Version 3.1x for Win32 and Unix (Intel-x86 architecture) can be previewed on Vertrauen (Home of Synchronet BBS Software).

In this article, i walk you through installing the Synchronet BBS Software on a Ubuntu Server.

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DD-WRT on the Senao EnGenius wireless Access Point / Client Bridge


Senao EnGenius EOC-5610

I finally broke down and bought myself my very own all-in-one outdoor wireless access point. I decided to pick up the Senao EnGenius EOC-5610 because it obviously supports the ever so powerful DD-WRT firmware. This thing is really tricked out. Not only does it utilize the Atheros AR2313 wireless chipset (yay for aircrack-ng), it also has a built in 8db internal omni-directional antenna and 8mb of storage if you ever wanted to capture some yummy wireless packets.

In this article, i walk you through installing DD-WRT Professional on a Senao EnGenius EOC-5610 wireless access point / client bridge.

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Install Adobe AIR + Twhirl twitter client on Ubuntu Linux


Hey Twhirl, where's linux?

Are you aware that linux users can easily install Adobe AIR, which in turn can install your pretty twitter client? Seriously?

In this article, i will walk you through the painlessly easy process of installing the Adobe AIR platform as well as your choice a twitter client.

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The Perfect Server - Ubuntu Linux 9.04 32bit


What is the perfect linux server?

The perfect linux server to me is something that can maintain all of my downloads, whatever it may be (Torrent, newsgroups, soulseek, ect) that can be controlled and accessed from VPN, LAN or Internet via HTTP... and have it all running when it boots up! (That was the hardest part actually)

In this video tutorial, i walk you through installing:

- Webmin (HTTP Adminstration of your server)

- Torrentflux (HTTP Front-end for Torrent downloads)

- SABnzbd Plus (HTTP Front-end for Newsgroup downloads)

- irssi (Text based IRC Chat client)

- Museek (Soulseek music download daemon)

- Eggdrop IRC Bot (*does the robot*)

- Hamachi VPN (Free and easy VPN solution that even my grandma can understand)

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Install Amarok2 on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic


Amarok is a free software music player for Linux and other varieties of Unix, as well as Windows since version 2.0 (through KDE for Windows). It makes use of core components from the K Desktop Environment, but is released independently of the central KDE release cycle.

A new major version of Amarok, version 2.0, was released on December 12, 2008, which was a complete aesthetic and functional redesign of Amarok 1.4. On June 3, 2009, version 2.1 was released which reintroduced a few of the 1.4 features which had been missing from the initial 2.0 release, and introduced some features such as native ReplayGain support for the first time.

In this tutorial, i will walk you through installing the beautiful new Amarok 2.2 on Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Desktop.

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Update: Runes of Magic on Ubuntu Linux


In my previous post, i walked you through getting Runes of Magic running on Ubuntu Linux via Wine. Recently, as most MMORPG games have, they updated their client and i found that it broke the game running on linux. When i would launch the game (client.exe) it would just show the background animation and not present the usual EULA and Login. A quick wine registry hack solved this issue.

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Chromium on Ubuntu 8.10 / 9.04


Google Chrome?

No. Chromium. Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web. This site contains design documents, architecture overviews, testing information, and more to help you learn to build and work with the Chromium source code. Google Chrome is built with open source code from Chromium.

Right off the bat, Chromium wanted to import all my settings (Bookmarks, Saved Passwords, ect) and i was able to dig through some of the new options, like setting the theme to match your GTK+ theme! Also, as you may already know, this thing is blazing fast. Pages load into individual processes as well, so if a pages freezes up and crashes on you, just that tab goes away - not your entire browser!

In this article, i will walk you through installing the open source Chromium web browser on Ubuntu Desktop Linux 8.10 and 9.04.

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